A look at the competition, past to present.

About the Commonwealth Clash

Building on a tradition started in 1895, the Commonwealth Clash is a head-to-head points-based competition within the 22 varsity sports in which University of Virginia and Virginia Tech compete against each other. At the end of the season, the institution with the most points will be crowned the champion of the Commonwealth Clash.

The Commonwealth Clash will encourage a friendly, statewide rivalry throughout the state. The competition will allow additional exposure for football and basketball and bring increased attention to the Olympic sport competitions, encouraging attendance and generating support for these programs. The series will also work to promote good sportsmanship and build a sense of anticipation and excitement towards the culmination when the winning school is presented with the trophy.

The school to earn each season's majority of points will be crowned the winner of the Commonwealth Clash each athletic season. In the case of a tie after the completion of all Commonwealth Clash events, the school with the most ACC Championships in sports that both schools compete during the current academic year will be awarded the tie breaker.

Commonwealth Clash History

The fourth year of the Commonwealth Clash competition was claimed by Virginia Tech 12.5 to 8.5.

2017–2018 Schedule/Results →

The third year of the Commonwealth Clash came to a close with a tie in final standings 11 to 11. Virginia Tech took the win by way of tie breaker with 4 ACC Team Championships in the 2016-2017 season.

2016–2017 Schedule/Results →

The second year of the Commonwealth Clash came to a close with UVA taking the win 14 to 7.

2015–2016 Schedule/Results →

The inaugural year of the Commonwealth Clash came to a close with UVA taking the win 15 to 7.

2014–2015 Schedule/Results →
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